Limestone offer highly exclusive, Gibraltar-based property investment advisory services for high-net-worth individuals. Specialising in portfolio growth, they place strong focus on quality, discretion, integrity and sophistication. 

We were tasked with both naming the company and building a brand identity that accurately communicates its professionalism and resonates with its clientele. The concept centres around geographical and geological sources of inspiration. The name derives from the carbonate sedimentary rock that forms the world famous Rock of Gibraltar. The identity explores Gibraltar’s relationship with Limestone as a material that is present throughout the entirety of the peninsula, in both its natural state and incorporation across historic architecture. 

The colour palette has been selected using reference imagery of the sedimentary rock; the logotype is derived from the typography of street signage throughout Gibraltar; and the mark has been created through relief prints of paint-covered limestone fragments. 

The Limestone brand is clean, minimal, modern and unique, reflecting the values the company has set out to communicate. 

You can see the full case study here.