As designers, it’s always important to hear from different perspectives, keep up-to-date with design world developments and gain inspiration from leading industry professionals. We find that a great way to do all of the above is by listening to design podcasts, these are our top 5.

1. My Life In Design, Claire Blyth

Currently at 30 episodes, Claire Blyth’s ‘My Life In Design’ is our favourite design podcast at the moment. Having sat down with the likes of Paula Scher (Pentagram) and Liza Ebenis (Studio Dumbar), Claire Blyth digs deep into how some of today’s most renowned designers discovered their callings and found their way into the industry.

2. Design Matters, Debbie Millman

‘Design Matters’ is one of the world’s first ever podcasts and has been going for over 15 years. Spanning a whopping 532 episodes (as of writing), Debbie Millman boasts a guest list like no other. The podcast broadly covers design but Millman interviews creatives across all fields. Get digging because there’s a lot to get through!

3. Creativity Sucks!, Eliza Williams

Hosted by Creative Review editor Eliza Williams, ‘Creativity Sucks!’ explores the problems present within today’s creative industries and what the solutions may be. With some very introspective episodes, ‘Creativity Sucks!’ will have you asking yourself all the right questions.

4. Front And Center, Alex Center & Kevin Batory

Equal parts informative and entertaining, Alex Center and Kevin Batory of Center Design host a weekly podcast that explores branding, design, pop culture, and more. Their laid-back approach to discussing the latest developments within the design world, paired with their ability to create a space that allows guests' personalities shine through, results in a podcast that appeals to design enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Their episode with Debbie Millman from September 13th is definitely worth a listen.

5. The DGDC (Deeply Graphic Designcast) - Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilso

The DGDC podcast feels unique in its format. Hosted by Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison and Jordan Wilson, each monthly episode consists of a round table-style discussion centred around a particular topic. The format encourages debate and lively conversation, as the hosts bounce ideas off each other and draw from their diverse perspectives. This results in a more nuanced and in-depth exploration of the chosen topics, making it stand out from the traditional interview-style podcasts.