Typography permeates every aspect of our daily lives. From the street signs that guide us through cities to the websites we navigate online, typography plays a fundamental role in communicating information effectively.

As graphic designers, our role involves meticulously navigating the vast array of typographic choices available to us, ensuring we find the correct solution for each project. While this process can sometimes be tedious, having a reliable arsenal of trusted type foundries, companies that design or distribute typefaces, greatly streamlines our workflow and saves valuable time.

These are our design team’s favourite foundries right now:

Nick, Lead Graphic Designer

Favourite Foundry right now: Ultratypes, Spain

Barcelona based Ultratypes is a small, independent type foundry. Founded in 2013, the foundry’s goal has been to share and publish typefaces designed by friends without having to go through big distributors.

Ultratypes are my pick for one simple reason – i’m desperate to find a project where I can use their typefaces UT Barrel and UT Nickel. The foundry has a pretty lean catalogue, placing focus on display typefaces and typographic experimentation, making Ultratypes a great place to find something special that will be sure to stand out. 

Favourite Ultratypes typeface right now: UT Nickel

UT Nickel is a geometric script typeface with a beautiful angularity and rhythm. I'm drawn to typographic contrasts, and the juxtaposition of constructing a wholly angular typeface within a space traditionally characterised by smooth curves and fluid motion ticks all the boxes for me.

Charles, Senior Graphic Designer

Favourite Foundry right now: Dinamo, Germany

My favourite foundry at the moment (and, admittedly, for a considerable while now) is Dinamo, for the simple reason that they're consistently creating and releasing some of the best designed typefaces out there. They're really a great go-to for well-built typefaces which will get the job done — and I really do appreciate when a foundry also makes some weird stuff; I'm a fan of weird stuff. In Dinamo's case, their typeface Galapagos is a lot of fun. Years later, I'm still hoping to find a project where I can use it.

Favourite typeface right now: ABC Diatype

ABC Diatype is a gorgeous grotesque sans-serif which has an insane amount of families – seven to be exact – ranging from Compressed all the way to Expanded, with even Semi-Mono and Mono versions. I have a very serious weakness for Monospace typefaces, and if there's a Mono that's part of a wider sans family, then I'm completely won over.

Simon, Graphic Designer

Favourite Foundry right now: A2 Type, UK

Established in 2011, A2 Type is a UK-based online foundry and type design consultancy. Their focus lies in creating contemporary typefaces, offering a diverse range of workhorse typefaces alongside expressive display typefaces brimming with character. A2 demonstrates a refreshingly bold approach that transcends the boundaries of a single typeface class.

Favourite A2 Type typeface right now: Beckett

Beckett is a geometric ultra-condensed typeface that strikes a pleasing balance between integrating stylistic elements and maintaining legibility.

I'm particularly fond of robust condensed typefaces with character, reminiscent of the wood type era. Their versatility and visual presence when used in display capacities make them a go-to choice for me.

Amy, Junior Graphic Designer

Favourite Foundry right now: Displaay

Displaay is a Prague-based, independent type foundry established in 2014. They focus on retail and custom typefaces with the aim of developing distinctive typefaces that are missing on the market. They’re my favourite foundry at the moment because, while I’m generally tempted to go for a more experimental and perhaps less known foundry, it’s important to our work to have solid, well-built typefaces from a foundry that is experienced, thorough and pays as much attention to the details as we will. Additionally, Displaay’s typefaces have that playful spark and an eye-catching flare when building even a seemingly boring typeface. 

They say “Specific moments of imperfection and spontaneous irregularities inspire our ethos,” which sits really well with what I believe design should be about.  

Favourite typeface right now: Jokker

Jokker is a fun and playful sans serif typeface with an elevated x-height, diagonal and tight terminals and shorter descenders and ascenders to make the lines of text more compact. I do have a particular affinity for geometric typefaces and the subtle details that are noticeable in several glyphs in Jokker (which could be inktraps, smiles or even haunting faces) make it an interesting typeface and considered typeface.