The rise of AI-powered chatbots is transforming the way we interact with technology.

What was initially met with scepticism and apprehension has now been widely embraced by everyday users. AI Chatbots’ conversational nature and ability to instantly provide tailored information have given them the edge over traditional search engines. They are redefining our relationship with technology, making it a more intuitive and personalised experience.

Here are 5 ways we’re using AI Chatbots in our day-to-day:

1. Developing attention-grabbing copy for social media

If you’re reading this article, chances are you got here from our socials, meaning it worked! We don’t advocate for reliance on AI Chatbots to generate our copy, but they do a fantastic job of providing us with alternative approaches and streamlined wording to consider for use when fed draft copy.

Prompt example:
‘Make this text attractive to new clients on LinkedIn.’

2. Structuring client meeting notes

Managing client meeting notes can be daunting, especially during busy periods. AI Chatbots offer a swift solution, efficiently categorising and organising notes that would otherwise consume a lot of valuable time.

Prompt example:
‘Assist me in categorising and summarising the following notes’, this prompt will be followed by: ‘Create bullet-points to make them easier to follow.’

3. Writing, rewriting or amending code

Leveraging AI Chatbots can be invaluable in coding tasks. When encountering challenges or scenarios in which we’re faced with broken code, ChatGPT serves as a bridge, helping us overcome issues and achieve our intended results.

Prompt example:
‘This code isn't applying the styles I want, could you fix it and comment out what each part does?’

4. Pantone Matching

The accurate translation of digital colours to print can be a difficult task. We always Pantone match colours by eye before producing test prints, but prolonged use of swatch books can lead to human error and visual fatigue, resulting in inaccurate matches. AI Chatbots can be a valuable tool for this task, providing us with precise colour references to use as start points, streamlining the colour matching process.

Prompt example:
‘Pantone match hex code #0D133D for uncoated stock.’

5. Reviewing Contracts

In contract review, lawyers can often be time-consuming and costly. AI Chatbots, while not a substitute, can assist by explaining legal terms and providing suggestions based on contract content. This technology offers a swift way to grasp complex items that might otherwise require hours to run by lawyers.

Prompt example:
‘What does this clause mean in simple english?’